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Youth Justice PLEIS-NB

Resources for Aboriginal Youth

Teen Dating: Are You in a Healthy Relationship?
Being in a violent or abusive relationship is not just a problem for adults. Teens can be in abusive relationships too. In fact, many people first experience relationship violence when they start dating. This pamphlet describes the signs of a healthy relationship, sets out the signs of an abusive relationship, explores some reasons why teens may stay in abusive relationships, and offers tips to help you stay safe while dating. Having a safety plan may help you get out of dangerous situations when they do happen.

Understanding and Preventing Abuse: A Workbook for Aboriginal Youth
This workbook for Aboriginal youth is one of many resources available to the public through an initiative called “The Healing Journey”. This initiative helps to promote awareness of family violence prevention in Aboriginal communities. The purpose of the workbook is to help guide discussion around dating violence and family violence issues from the perspective of teenagers. You can find the answer keys to the exercises in this workbook at www.thehealingjourney.ca.

Someone is Hurting My Mom: My Safety Plan
Sometimes things happen in the home that can make children feel frightened or upset. For example, you may see or hear someone in your family hitting, kicking, pushing or hurting someone else in your family. They may yell and make threats. They may throw things and destroy property or hurt your pet. They may even take out a weapon and say that they are going to hurt someone. Knowing who to call and how to get help is the best way for you to help someone in your family who is being hurt.

Safety Planning for Aboriginal Women
Women living with family violence sometimes need to leave abusive situations. For example, if your partner’s controlling and disrespectful behaviour is combined with violence, threats, weapons, mental health problems and addictions, you could be at greater risk of serious harm. Having a safety plan may help you get away quickly with the personal items you need in a crisis.

Youth Skit: An Aboriginal Youth’s Cry for Help
This powerful skit shows how hard it might be for a youth experiencing dating violence or abuse in a relationship to get help.

Creating Healthy Personal Relationships
Disagreements are a part of every relationship. However, they are never an excuse for violence and abuse. Healthy relationships are built on love, respect, caring and happiness. If your partner’s behaviour is disrespectful and hurtful to you and your children, then you must decide how to set things right. That might mean counselling for you, your partner or both of you, dealing with addiction problems, calling the police, getting legal advice, or just going some place safe to think about what you want to do.