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Youth Justice PLEIS-NB


New Brunswick's own website for youth and the law
Youth Justice PLEIS-NB


Youth Justice Puzzle Game
What kinds of pressures or influences affect whether a youth will come in conflict with the law? Answer questions correctly to complete the puzzles.

Boomer’s Law Challenge
How many points can you earn by answering questions about youth crime in Canada? Collect your points before Boomer does!

The YCJA Wheel of Justice
Spin the wheel, answer questions and tip the scales in your favour to win.

Youth Justice Origami Quiz

The Facts Match Game
Can you match the fact to these questions about the Youth Criminal Justice Act?

Sudoku Game

Pick a Path Through the Youth Justice System
This activity can be used to demonstrate the many different paths a young person could take through the Youth Justice System. The activity can be done individually, in small groups or as a class activity.

Quiz: How Old do I Have to Be in New Brunswick?
The quiz features many common questions that youth ask about their rights.  For example, when does a youth have the right to vote, to consent to medical treatment or get married?  It offers a fun and simple way to engage youth about how the law affects their everyday life.

Do You Know Your Rights?